Warm Heat Drying

Warm Heat  drying is part of the new age of technology we live in. The principle  can be put in a simple analogy. If you put a pot of water on a stove top and then tried to evaporate the water by opening windows or blowing fans  on the pot it would take considerable time to evaporate the water from the pot.  On the other hand if you tuned on the burner the water would evaporate quickly. We energize all of the wet materials with 100 degree heat.  This is essentially what Warm Heat Drying is. It might be hard to believe but for decades our industry did not have this technology.

We use our own method that we have researched and developed. There are no filtration devices and we do not remove any building materials such as drywall or base boards. So you can get back to normal quickly.

Water damage restoration is far more complicated than it appears. Companies must monitor Relative humidity as well as  moisture content in the air. Many technicians do not have a true understanding of how and why they where able to dry something. Warm Heat  Drying demands that technicians master psychotropics or the science of drying.  The industry as a whole has been slow to adapt to this technology. Most restorers still remove a tremendous amount of drywall and other building materials because they are saturated.

Arizona Restoration Pros has mastered the use of this technology. We use it in a highly effective way. The result is that your home or business will be dried quickly and no materials removed. We use the best quality equipment to achieve this water damage repair.