Warm Heat Drying

Warm Heat  drying is part of the new age of technology we live in. The principle  can be put in a simple analogy. If you put a pot of water on a stove top and then tried to evaporate the water by opening windows or blowing fans  on the pot it would take considerable time to evaporate the water from the pot.  On the other hand if you tuned on the burner the water would evaporate quickly. We energize all of the wet materials with 100 degree heat.  This is essentially what Warm Heat Drying is. It might be hard to believe but for decades our industry did not have this technology.

We use our own method that we have researched and developed. There are no filtration devices and we do not remove any building materials such as drywall or base boards. So you can get back to normal quickly.

Water damage restoration is far more complicated than it appears. Companies must monitor Relative humidity as well as  moisture content in the air. Many technicians do not have a true understanding of how and why they where able to dry something. Warm Heat  Drying demands that technicians master psychotropics or the science of drying.  

Arizona Restoration Pros has mastered the use of this technology. We use it in a highly effective way. The result is that your home or business will be dried quickly and no materials removed. We use the best quality equipment to achieve this water damage repair.



Restoration Remodeling Testimonials

Bill and Trudy Dunway

We had water damage in our entire home that required restoration remodeling .  Arizonan Restoration Pros responded quickly in the middle of the night to begin extracting and cleaning up the damage from water. To us it just appeared to be a lot of water and some wet carpets. We had no idea of how extensive the damage to our home was from this misfortune. We were astonished at the amount of restoration and remodeling needed.  Paul and his crew where very helpful l in illustrating the damage to us and helping us with our claim. We dad extensive mold as a result of the water and the worst area was where I baby sit my granddaughter. We had to remove the contents of our entire home,  then before the mold remediation could begin. They did a good job with the mold clean up and we received a clean bill of health from the inspector.  Ultimately all of the walls where painted and the damage restoration included rebuild including replacing our entire kitchen. The ordeal with our insurance company was an issue unto itself.  Our insurance company caused us problems from the beginning.  With the help from Arizona Restoration we finally came out OK, but the process was difficult to say the least.  Our home is a bit unique as we have a considerable amount of decorative painting and artistic designed walls.  Arizona Restoration Pros used their heat drying techniques so that we only had to tear out a minimal amount of dry wall.  Our home and our belongings were treated very respectfully.  They painted the entire interior of our home and painted more than eleven different colors. The amount of work and effort from a little supply line under our sink was incredible.  We were thankful to have Arizona Restoration pros on our side for this water damage fix.

Gilbert Garcia

We had restoration damage from a ceiling pipe break.  They arrived quickly and began removal of water from our bedroom.  We had never had this kind of problem in our home and had no idea what water damage was.  The Arizona Restoration Pros crew was fast and efficient and they explained issues as we went along.  Part of their water damage repair was the heat system.  It turned out that we saved the replacement of an entire ceiling as well as many other areas. They showed expertise in how to repair water damage as well as many other areas.

Nadine Westerman

I had a roll out fire from my fire place.  The entire room was affected and everything in it.  The Arizona Restoration Pros crew was stellar in restoring my home to its previous condition.  They cleaned then painted then cleaned more. They cleaned everything in detail, carpets, upholstery, furniture and much more. The staff was skilled, cautious and professional.  We worked together with my insurance company to accomplish a restoration from the damage that met my satisfaction.

Rick and Carol Peters

We had an electrical fire in our rental home and it was burned severely and needed fire damage repair.  After talking with several companies we chose Arizona Restoration Pros to do our fire restoration.  They gutted the structure and began cleaning the smoke damage.  It became clear to us that they were experienced at cleaning fire damage.  They had to remove masonry walls that where filled with smoke and do extensive framing to accommodate city codes and plans.   The rewiring of the entire home was a considerable challenge as well. The old foam style roof had to be removed and some asbestos had to be dealt with as well. The entire roof was replaced and the drainage system improved.  All of the work plumbing, electrical, windows, flooring paint, cabinets and others where up to standard. Arizona Restoration Pros provided excellent fire damage restoration services.

Deborah Gillis

Google Review: 5/5 Stars

I would like to express my thanks to Paul Redman and his team from Arizona Restoration Pros for the wonderful restoration of our Saltillo tile floors. From the initial bid to the final sealing coat, Restoration Pros were knowledgeable, professional, courteous and reasonably priced. Our tile floor was sorely in need of help, especially in the kitchen, with broken and dirty grout. The team of Coleman and Alexis, stripped the tile where needed, steam cleaned the rest and repaired and matched the existing grout. Finally putting three coats of sealer on the tile and grout with instructions on how to maintain our Saltillo tile floor for the future. It was a great experience!


Shanon Schockmel

Google Review: 5/5 Stars

Awesome experience! Craig our project manager did such a great job every step of the way. They did an outstanding job cleaning up our water damage and walked me through every step of the process including insurance claims etc.

I would highly recommend to anyone with water damage!


Jemma D

Google Review: 5/5 Stars

AZ Restoration Pros…A Very helpful and knowledgeable company. Craig and Paul are both awesome with helping the client throughout the process. They speak the ‘layman’s” terms that one can understand; very down to earth and honest. AZ Restoration Pros goes out of their way to assist the customer every step of the way and keeps the customer up-to-date on the status of the job. Speaking of the job, they were fast and professional. Craig took the time to walk me thorough my entire house pointing out the damages. I highly recommend this company for any restoration service.


Douglas Burke

Google Review: 5/5 Stars

Arizona Restoration Pros provided quick, efficient turn-key results to a leaky sink with mold infestation. They not only provided mold remediation but also then bid to re-build the cabinet frame and re-hand all cabinetry doors. This job was for our offices at Tucson Lifestyle Magazine.


Damon Pritchett

Google Review: 5/5 Stars

We selected AZ Restoration Pros because of their detailed website descriptions of their protocol in attacking indoor water damage, and their A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau of Tucson. They practice what they preach, by assessing where and if the thermal drying equipment is truly needed, as well as any dry-wall cut outs to create access to prevent more water damage. They explain in layman’s terms. Would we call on them again, if needed? No doubt!


Jeffrey Schwartz

Google Review: 5/5 Stars

Our satillo tile floor was getting old and tired looking. Just giving it a deep clean was not
the answer. Arizona Restoration Pros came up with an approach that has transformed the tiles into a magnificent display and increased the value of the house exponentially.
I live on a bed of diamonds now.


Hirna Patel

Google Review: 5/5 Stars

We absolutely love the service we received from Arizona Restoration Pros. They helped us through the entire process with all the explanations and questions. I definitely would’ve been lost without all their help. They were always available whenever I needed them and they helped make my house look completely renovated. I would highly recommend their services to others.


Jessica Monroe

Google Review: 5/5 Stars

I was referred to another company by my plumber, following a “black water” flood in my home. When delays and other issues arose, I contacted Arizona Restoration Pros and am very happy I did. Owner, Paul Redman met with me to thoroughly explain the issues at hand and how they would be addressed. Project mgr. Craig kept me in the loop every step of the way. His team was always courteous and demonstrated absolute intergrity throughout their time on the project. Thank you, Paul and Craig, for a job extremely well done. I am very pleased with the results and will not hesitate to refer Az Restoration Pros to friends and family.





We have expertise in handling insurance claims plus we have expert consultants. There are many insurance companies and many different policies, so there is a great deal to know about claims. By and large most insurance companies are good about paying for the damage.


To be exceedingly good at one thing – Water Damage Restoration

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30 Years of Water Damage Restoration and Remodeling

Giving back to the community is one of our greatest accomplishments. We donate and contribute to  Arizona Baptist Children’s Services. Please click here to learn more about this incredible organization that reunites broken families and more.ABOUT IMAGE - Copy

We offer a full range of home restoration services including, fire restoration, flood damage restoration, hurricane damage restoration, flood clean up services, carpet cleaning service, and more !

We offer our full services to Tucson, Phoenix, Chandler, Mesa, Scottsdale,Tempe, Maryvale, San tan Valley, Casa Grande,  Green Valley, Sierra Vista, and Vale, AZ!

We strive to provide our customers with the best customer service experience possible. We have been in the home restoration business since 1986 and are always open 24 hours 7 days a week ! We want to make sure we always meet or exceed the customers needs.That’s why we work with them every single step of the project or restoration to ensure quality. No job is ever too big or small! From wind damage repairs to fire damage restoration, we do it all! Call Arizona Restoration Pros today !

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Water Damage Clean Up

Full Service Licensed Contractor


We offer a full range of home restoration services including, fire restoration, flood damage restoration, hurricane damage restoration, flood clean up services, carpet cleaning service, and more ! We offer our full services to Tucson and Vale, AZ!

We offer full range of water damage restorations services in Tucson,  Phoenix, Chandler, Mesa, Scottsdale,Tempe, Maryvale, Santan Valley, Casa Grande,  Green Valley, Sierra Vista, and Vale, AZ, We strive to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers! Our full services include:


  • Fast Drying  –  Warm Heat072
  • Water damage restoration                                                                               This beautiful hand painted mural was completely saturated with water.
  • Fire damage restoration
  • Hurricane damage restoration                  

Water Damage Repair

Welcome to Arizona Restoration Pros

We are a locally owned family operated 24/7 full service Restoration Contractor, offering a full range of services including, fire restoration, flood damage restoration, wind damage restoration, flood clean up services, Also carpet cleaning service, saltillio tile and natural stone! We offer our full services to cities in Southern  Arizona! Every insured customer is eligible to receives up to a $500 discount from their deductible.

We work hard to take care of you in your time of crisis, whether it’s a flood or fire we’re there for you. We take care of the insurance claim for you and fight for what you deserve. We’re on your side 100%

We provide a full range of services to meet or exceed the expectations of all our customers! Below is a list of all the services we can offer you:

  • Water damage restoration
  • Mold removal
  • Fire damage restoration
  • Smoke damage restoration
  • Home Repairs
  • Home Restoration
  • Water Damage
  • Sewage Removal
  • Speed Drying of Carpet

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  1. Jason Alton

    hi i had my phone fall into a hot tub about a month ago and i had someone look at it and they told me the circuts were fried or something and currently it still wont chage or turn on if you could get back to me with advice or if you could fix the problem. you can reach me at 503 348 8929 also are you located reasonably close to queen creek az

  2. Leo Norris

    I work with TASA electronic restoration here at TASA we off repairs for anything electronic We specialize in repairing Air movers and dehumidifiers.We offer free pick up and diagnostics if warranted. We have certified HVAC tecs. if you have any equipment to may need servicing please give us a call at 480 -993 -1353 Trent or Leo
    Thanks Leo

  3. Aino

    Very nice team, very friendly and supportive. We really like the work done on our “old” saltillo. Now looks like new!

  4. Diane N.

    I discovered a mold problem which developed from a leak in my shower. The leak developed from poor installation of the shower initially. I contacted Arizona Restoration Pros and the owner Paul and his associate Danielle, came out the very day I called them. They explained the process to me and started the work within two days. Walls and cabinets has to be removed to resolve the mold problem. The team practiced safety procedures in the handling of all contaminated materials. They also managed the rebuild portion of the job with the same professionalism. My new shower wall has been reinforced and the drywall repaired and painted. Everything looks as good as new.

    I highly recommend Arizona Restoration Pros for their realiability, professionalism, honesty and attention to detail. I would give them a 5 out of 5 star rating. Great people to do business with.

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